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Hello Third Years

Posted by Robert Chaney on 30 March, 2011

Hello. Please finish your Animoto photo slideshow, using photos from the sponsored walk, or any of the Harty matches.

Use the ANIMOTO.COM website. Most of you should have created a login account last week.

Sign in.

Click Create Video

Choose a video style

Select the “30-second video for free” option and start adding slides

The photos can be found in the Common Folder, under “Photos”.

Make sure you add text slides to give a title, and then any extra info that is appropriate.

If you have any spare moment in the lesson (video busy being rendered), try to continue discussions about what you have been planning in your groups e.g. podcast, video, animation etc.

Also, please vote in the poll, down the bottom on the right-hand-side. (Up the Cats!)

Oh, and if you have access to this site, please add a comment below. I think the proxy block has been removed, but I need to test it. Thanks.

And as a Homework, can I suggest you check out and, as other media creation websites. We’ll look at them next week.

2 Responses to “Hello Third Years”

  1.   Robert Chaney Says:

    Here’s one to show it can work…. Please add more for testing

  2.   jkenehan6301 Says:

    Today is Wednesday.

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